Connecting IT talent and companies

The world is developing fast. Technology is the core of many of those developments. Through our services we want to help designing a better future utilizing technologies in an ethical way society benefits from. We provide the best talents to our customers to help them to grow, be more innovative and succeed on the markets. We are a flexible partner that can grow with its customers, adjusting to new developments.

We promote diversity and help companies develop organisation culture to attract, recruit and retain talent.

Helping companies to succeed in global multicultural world

According to research diverse workforce drives innovation and gives companies a competitive advantage.

We help our clients promote diversity and forming gender equal and multicultural engineering teams.  



Jaana Patrakka


“I founded the company in desire to help companies to grow with the best tech talent locally and globally.

I have throughout my career worked with digital services and international business development. I am passionate about the potential of emerging technologies to create a better world.

I have personal experience of multicultural teams and international mobility. I have lived and worked in Finland, Italy, Great Britain and Sweden.

Languages: Finnish, English, Italian.