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We are an agile recruitment agency. We help companies to attract and recruit the best talent, also those hard to find ones, in Helsinki, elsewhere in Finland as well as internationally. We locate the best talent and help you attract, recruit and retain them.
We see the future bright. We are passionately learning about emerging technologies, their impacts and about how the business and the world are developing with those technologies.
We understand Business, Technology and People. We connect you.
Our services include:
  • Headhunting the best talent for the role across the markets
  • Recruitment services
  • Relocation services
  • Diversity & Inclusion consulting

In international recruitment we help you with the integration process to help the new recruit settle also to the local culture and society.

Your benefits include:

  • Best result
  • Cost reduction
  • Time saving
  • Quality hiring
  • Scalable capacity
  • Trustworthy and engaged partner supporting your company growth and brand
We are a company of high integrity. We treat people with kindness and with respect. We promote our customers’ employer brand in all our communications and invest in superior candidate experience.

The shortage of tech talent is hindering the growth and success of companies. Digital transformation is creating high demand for tech talent and competition is hard. We help you to succeed.


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International recruitment with diCHANGE is fast and simple.

We are well connected globally. International recruitment with us is easy and uncomplicated.

When you have difficulty to find talent, or have no time to look, we are happy to help. We scan the market for you and find the best tech talent that fits your requirements.

We help you to sort out all the practicalities of relocation and cultural fit.

We are a diverse team of experts with background in software development, data science and sales. This enables us to assess your needs and attract the right candidates.