Hiring abroad

Relocation services to support international recruitment

Sometimes your candidate with required skillset and experience is found outside of
Finland. This does not have to be an obstacle or slow things down. Most IT
talent work with international clients. Moving to a new location for a great
role and organisation is not such a big deal. Most of them however welcome help
with paper work, finding an accommodation and getting started in a new culture.

If you don’t have the needed resources and knowledge internally to help with
relocation, you can outsource the whole process or part of it to us.


Handling all sorts of application without a prior knowledge can be nerve wracking and
take mind off from work for weeks. That is very bad for the employer and the
employee as both of their primary target is to focus on work.

Our relocation service helps the recruit through the whole process smoothly. We
organize the relocation process, follow it through every step of the way. We
make sure the newcomer is settled fine. This assures you they are up and
running as fast as possible, productive and totally focused on the project in
hand rather than browsing rental ads.

 In addition, by offering a smooth and easy transfer to your recruit to Helsinki will definitely improve your chances to get another top talent take the leap of faith and move to Finland to work in your team!