International tech Headhunter

"It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Mandela

Headhunting agency specializing in helping companies to hire technology savvy leaders, software developers, cloud engineers and software sales professionals.

We offer on-demand flexible IT-recruitment consulting on contract bases. When you need a technical recruiment expertise in you team for a period of time. Call us. We are flexible to meet your needs.

We are based in Helsinki, Finland and in Warsaw, Poland. Our clients are technology led multinational companies, software houses and startups with offices in Europe.

Tech companies are international so are tech talent. When recruiting internationally, it is good to understand cultural differencies. We are expert in international recruitment and relocation. We are able to help you.

We are passionate of helping our customers to succeed. We are prepared to take that extra mile to help our clients and our candidates.

We are a team with high integrity. We treat people with kindness and with respect. We promote our clients in all communication.

An attractive employer brand helps in tech recruitment

Global competition in hiring the best tech talent is fierce. A positive employer brand makes attracting people much easier. Tech talent want to work at companies where their work is valued employees are treated well.

What makes an attractive employer brand and how to create one? An attractive employer brand is a sum of many factors. We can advice you what factors matter for tech talent today. We can help you to build an attractive employer brand and help you communicate it to the talent market.  This will help you hire those bright minds now and in the future.