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We search professionals for our customers to hire. Our customers from various industries are looking for junior and senior tech experts, programmers, software developers, engineers. We also have requests for digital business leaders and business developers, growth hackers, digital marketing experts, product managers etc. Our customers are technology lead companies from start-ups to multinational companies. Through us you may find a new job locally or in another country, if you are open for that. We offer more opportunities for you.

If you are thinking of a new job or a career change or moving to a new country now or in the near future, please send us your CV and tell shortly what type of role you are looking for and where? We will then do our best to help you.

Please also give a consent  to store your personal information to our database. We will then store your details and you will be first to know openings of matching opportunities.

We are based in Helsinki and Warsaw, if you are nearby let’s have a coffee and discuss what we have to offer each other’s.

You can find some of our job opportunities from our Please note this is not all what we are currently working on.

Friendly talent agency

We want to get to know you and help you to find a job you are looking for. Sometimes we can offer you an opportunity fast, sometimes it takes a bit more time.

We look after your interest and help you with the application process, paperwork and relocation when applicable.

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