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“It is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
― Albert Einstein

IT Headhunter and technical recruitment expert. We execute direct search assignments with professionalism. The cornerstone of a successful search is to understand the client’s business and the skills required for the role and recognize candidate’s skills and motivation.

We specialize in recruiting wide range of technology experts for digital economy such us digital business leaders, IT experts and digital service sales professionals.  What are your company’s need for experts? We can help you- Let’s talk!


Our clients are international companies from startups to global companies. We have references from following sectors:

  • IT services companies,
  • Digital consultancies
  • Industry 4.0/Industrial automation and robotics
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Fintech (Blockchain),
  • Telecoms
  • Cybersecurity
  • Space tech and drones.
We help you to succeed

Do you want to make your development, whether it a digital transformation project, product or service development or a business development task, – a success? We can help.

We find the best available talent and help you through the hiring process.

We are a company of high integrity. We treat people with kindness and with respect. We promote our customers’ employer brand in all our communications and focus to provide a superior candidate experience. We help you to succeed.

Business is international, competition of the best talent is global

When your new recruit needs to translocates to another country we will help with the residence permit and the relocation.

New and emerging technologies are transforming businesses and competition. New technologies are offering new opportunities and new tools to succeed. Take a full advantage of the emerging opportunities.

The shortage of tech talent is hindering the growth and success of many companies. Digital transformation is creating high demand for tech talent and competition is hard. Hiring process can be very time-consuming requiring special knowledge and networks among tech talent community. Trust your international recruitment to us. Request for an offer.

International recruitment with diCHANGE is fast and simple.

We have a global network of experts. International recruitment with us is easy and uncomplicated.

When you have difficulty to find talent, or have no time to look, we are happy to help. We scan the market for you and find the best tech talent that fits your requirements.

We help you to sort out all the practicalities of relocation and cultural fit.

Contact us to dicuss you hiring needs.

We are a small diverse team of experts with background in IT recruitment and international tech sales. This enables us to understand your business,  assess your needs and attract the right candidates.