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Helsinki 21.11.2018

Thank you for your interest for diCHANGE services! Your privacy is important to us.

Name of register

iCHANGE Solutions client and candidate register

This stores and handles personal information in accordance with the EU’s GDPR. We may alter this data protection description from time to time, either by giving advance notice of this or without giving notice. We recommend that you visit this data protection description page from time to time to take note of changes.

Register controller

diCHANGE Solutions Oy
VAT-number: FI2942003
Address: Sofiankatu 4C, 00170 Helsinki
Phone: +358405858055

Person responsible for register matters

diCHANGE Solutions Oy
Jaana Patrakka, Founder
Phone: +358405858055

The purpose of the handling of personal information

Our operations are based on lawful business operations, and thus we also comply with the EU regulation on the storage of personal information – in brief, this is the following six points:

  • The information that we store about a person is lawful, reasonable and transparent in terms of its handling. This means that you can have access to your information at any time.
  • The information is limited to the purpose of use – for example, information that we collect about people is limited to only a particular usage purpose. We will not pass on your information to external parties unless there is an appropriate reason for doing so.
  • We will minimise the information we store – we will only store what is necessary.
  • We will seek to keep our information accurate.
  • We will limit the storage of information – a usage period is defined for the information, after which it is deleted, either automatically or as a matter of routine, unless there is a legally-grounded reason to keep it.
  • We store intact and reliable information, secured through back-up copies, for example.

We collect and store information based on customer relationships or associated with business operations, on possible new customers. The principal purposes for the usage of information are: marketing, reporting, production of services, customer communications, the planning and targeting of marketing, analysis, development of customer service, the development of the service and business, as well as for other comparable usage purposes. diCHANGE Solutions Oy may use personal information for distance selling and direct marketing purposes in the ways permitted by the Personal Data Act. The collection of the information of potential new customers is based on the business operations and we collect the information ourselves or buy them from a third-party provider.

We collect and store information based on candidate relationships. The principal purposes for the usage of information are: candidate search and recruitment services, marketing, reporting, production of services, candidate communications, the planning and targeting of marketing, analysis, development of customer service, the development of the service and business, as well as for other comparable usage purposes.

The data content of the register

We store the minimum amount of information relating to the customer relationship.
The information collected is:
First name and surname
Contact information (such as the name of the company, contact details etc.)
Proposals, Agreements, meeting dates and brief of discussions
Marketing consent or prohibition
Reference consent or prohibition
IP address information or another identifier
Information collected through cookies

Normal sources of information

Sources of information used include the following:
LinkedIn, Google Analytics, job boards, job application and web forms on the website.
Personal information is collected from the registered person themselves in the register controller’s own operations, in association with dealing with customers, including by phone, in the online service.
In addition, with regard to our business operations, e.g. in connection with the acquisition of new customers, we may collect names appeared in public media.

Normal passing on of information

We may use the services of third parties for the handling and storage of such data which may include personal information. However, third parties act purely as handlers of personal information who have a right to handle such information only within the scope of the services agreed on, and diCHANGE Solutions Oy remains the register controller of information.

Transferral of information outside the EU or EEA

In the handling of data in accordance with the purposes specified in this data protection policy, we use partners and in association with this, we may pass on the personal information that we handle outside the EU or EEA, complying with the legislation that is in force in any given situation. In the case of countries where a sufficient level of data protection has not been ensured, transferrals are based on appropriate protective measures, such as the standard contract clauses approved by the European Commission or a monitoring authority.

Register protection principles

diCHANGE Solutions Oy has appropriate technical and organisational security practices and processes to secure personal information against loss, misuse or other comparable illegal access.

Inspection rights

You have the right to get access to your personal information and have erroneous information that concerns you corrected. You have the right to demand deletion of your personal information at any time unless the interests that we are entitled to, or a requirement laid down by law, prevent the deletion of some personal information. Information shall be handed over in a form that is comprehensible to the customer, and in writing if so required. Requests are to be addressed with a personally signed letter to diCHANGE Solutions Sofiankatu 4C, 00170 Helsinki.

The right to demand correction of information

The register controller shall correct, delete or supplement information in the register that is, in terms of handling, erroneous, unnecessary, deficient or out of date, either independently or when demanded to do so by the registered person. In addition, personal information can be deleted if the customer misuses the service or, with the aid of the service, carries out criminal or other prohibited actions. The registered person must contact the register controller for the correction of information. Requests are to be addressed with a personally signed letter to diCHANGE Solutions Sofiankatu 4C, 00170 Helsinki.

Other rights relating to the handling of personal information

A registered person also has the right to prohibit the register controller from handling information relating to them for the purposes mentioned in this register description, unless it is agreed otherwise between the register controller and the registered person. Requests for correction of information pertaining to marketing prohibitions (calls, printed direct marketing, text messages and e-mail) are to be addressed with a personally signed letter to diCHANGE Solutions Sofiankatu 4C, 00170 Helsinki.


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