Hiring IT-professionals?

Tech Recruitment and HR consulting


Do you want to outsource your IT recruitment or part of it?  We are flexible.

Our expertise includes the following:

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Ad hoc needs?

Do you need an ad hoc help in HR department?

When you need more hands in HR department we will act as an in-house consultant as part of your HR team. We complete tasks in recruiting tech experts, tech talent sourcing or developing employer branding. We will work remotely on hourly base or by agreement. We are flexible and able to support you in any ad hoc needs. Our services will be customized to meet your needs.

Our model is flexible to the extent and only to the extent necessary. For instance, you can use our service a couple of days a week, for a few weeks or months, whenever needed. We are flexible. Ask for an offer!

International recruitment

Searching for a talent globally enables a larger pool of candidates. As a result of international search you may recruit a talent with exeptional new skills and strengthen diversity in your company culture at the same time. International experts enrich the work community with more than just with their substance expertise.

We are experienced with international recruitment, therefore we can help you. You can leave the whole process to us from introducing experts to organising permits and translocation.

Employer branding

A strong employer image is built on a good culture and excellent communication. Therefore building a strong culture and sharpen your message is important. As a result your company will have a desirable image and attract the best talent . We help you in developing a strong employer brand (EB) strategy, take it to action and measure results.

Digital Marketing

As part of our expertise we offer search engine optimization, in other words SEO, development. 

SEO can be developed for your recruitment page and open jobs. As as result your jobs ads will get maximum visibility. Ask for an offer!